Direct admission in M.Tech

The college is the brainchild of educationist Dr Sudhir Giri,Direct admission in M.Tech Articles who is on a mission to offer ‘affordable education & healthcare for all. Himself an engineer Dr Sudhir Giri understands the difficulties faced by rural youth in becoming an engineer. The emphasis is on learning by doing. We believe in experiential learning that fosters innovation & discovery by offering direct admission in M.Tech without gate.

Dr Sudhir Giri runs many educational institutions that include universities, & medical colleges where they impart skilled oriented education at affordable cost.

Dr Sudhir Giri is committed to the cause of making India self-reliant by upgrading the infrastructure that meets international standards.

The college has world class infrastructure that inspires budding engineers to endure in labs & contribute towards India’s growth trajectory.

Moreover, the college has state-of-the-art labs & workshops that inspire them for direct admission in M.Tech without gate.

We believe that academic knowledge cannot be the sole criterion for judging engineering ability therefore; we allow direct admission in M.Tech without gate.

A lot of students spend hours preparing for the GATE exam. The successful ones can gain admission in IIT’s, NIT’ & centrally funded institutions.

Does this mean others cannot improve their qualifications just because they failed to qualify in gate?

VGIbelieves in creating an environment that nurtures engineering talent & therefore, we allow direct admission in M.Tech without Gate.

Practice oriented people did most of the innovations in Science & technology. Noticeable here is the achievement by Mr. Vijay Sharma Paytm founder, who attributed his success to the practical skills gained in labs.

Direct admission in M.Tech for working professionals

Working professionals already have practical experience crucial for success. They want to add value to their skill through an M.Tech degree.

VGIunderstands this & offers a practice oriented M.Tech that will further refine their skill set without leaving their job. Hence, we offer direct admission in M.Tech without gate in UP.

Students can hone their skills by practicing in our world class labs that will skill them further. Through this endeavor, we create a pool for skilled professionals, hence we offer direct admission in M.Tech without gate.

A civil engineer who is working in industry is adept in the civil engineering domain. It’s not workable for him to leave his job for an M.Tech degree.

Hence, we help such professionals gain direct admission in M.Tech without Gate in Meerut UP.

Gate is mandatory for engineering jobs in PSU’s. Many professionals in the private sector have the requisite experience, they want to augment their qualification & skill set.

VGIallows them to pursue an M.Tech along with their job commitments.

This way they add feather to their qualification & get skilled. Therefore, VGI offers direct admission in M.Tech without Gate in Meerut UP.

Many engineers, after working in industry, prefer to switch to academics but lack the M.Tech qualification. These professionals are experts in their domain & indispensable for engineering colleges.

Just barring them from teaching because of the lack of M.Tech degree will ruin our skill oriented approach to education.

VGI believes such professionals are crucial for improving engineering education therefore; we offer them direct admission in M.Tech without Gate in Meerut UP.

Finally women in Technology

Women in Tech is the new buzzword in the engineering domain specially IT sector.

Girls are playing different roles from IT professionals to working wives to mothers. Many have to sacrifice their careers owing to family commitments.

VGI strives to empower them with qualification that they can pursue without leaving their jobs. Therefore, we offer direct admission in M.Tech without Gate in Meerut UP.

Women engineers, owing to family commitments, leave their jobs in industry & later want to switch to academics. To teach in an engineering college, an M.Tech is mandatory.

Such professionals can pursue their M.Tech along with their family obligations. Therefore, VGI offers direct admission in M.Tech without Gate in Meerut UP.

Our faculty are experts who have years of industrial experience. They make the M.Tech journey easy by giving students practical insights in labs.

They emphasize on practice oriented learning that will make the students skilled.

When practice internalizes a concept, it becomes easy to theorize it for exams. Therefore, we offer direct admission in M.Tech without Gate in Meerut UP.

Such industry veterans will add value when employed as professors in engineering colleges because they have terrific skills.

VGI recognizes their value & offers them direct admission in M.Tech without Gate for their impeccable contribution to India’s industrial growth.

A full stack IT professional who has excelled in coding in companies will be an asset for any engineering college. His practical skills are crucial for skilling the young graduates.

We cannot lose such professional just because they lack an M.Tech degree required for teaching in college.

The hands-on skills he will impart will do wonders for the students. Therefore, we offer direct admission in M.Tech without Gate in Meerut UP.

Career Prospects

An M tech opens up a career in research & teaching. We employ them in the R & D department for developing new technologies. They can take up positions as Research Head in engineering consultancies, fast setting up offices in the country.

New engineering colleges are opening up in the country. To teach in these colleges, an M.Tech is a prerequisite. Many research institutions employ an M.Tech for government funded projects.

The various roles available after an M.Tech are:-

Machinery engineer.
Senior engineer
Maintenance Manager
Software Developer
Research associate
Project manager
Chief Researcher

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